Lyana Long
Vital statistics
Position Assassin
Age 29
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5"9
Weight 160

Lyana Long is a female assassin working with the Atlas Corporation. One of Daniel James-Harper's closest associates, she is one of the most skilled assassin's under his order.

Biography Edit

Lyana was born on Eden into a privileged family, though she herself saw little of the wealth, having to earn almost everything she got on her own. Lyana moved to Thessia when she was 16 and ended up in a special program with Asari commandos where she learned the trade of an assassin. She posses biotics as well, but they aren't as strong as most, she was recognized by the boss of Atlas and was recruited into their ranks at the age of 19. She was crippled at the age of 24 where she got involved in a mission that went horribly wrong.

She was forced out of her position by a heavy hitting bodyguard who shouldn't have been able to find her. Her Intel was completely wrong despite coming from reliable sources. She had her spine completely shattered by this man and her face had been cut up as well. He left her barely alive as it was clear she would no longer be a threat to his employer. 

She was incredibly lucky that she had activated her tracking device so she was found by Atlas who brought her back to one of their secret facilities to repair damage done to her, completely replacing her spine and replacing parts of her face (it looks almost identical outside of the implants). The spine she was given was built to be incredibly durable, no normal person or even strong person would be able to break it again. She primarily serves as the boss' bodyguard since then due to her increased strength and agility gained from the cybernetic implants she received. She's essentially just doing her job while working under him even if she isn't always fond of some of the things that happen.

Events of GMod RP Edit

During a run to a turian distress call, the party found the turians fighting the last of some Atlas soldiers. After taking care of them, they investigated the seemingly abandoned ship. They found several cells with deceased prisoners, except one. Tala had helped this woman as the turian officials went to investigate. Kal, who was one of the prisoners, attempted to run away but was subdued along with the party betrayal. After interrogation, the woman was brought forth before she managed to fight back even bounded. She killed the high-turian commander and began to kill the turians and help the party off. The whole point of her imprisonment was so she could get to kill the high-turian commander, soon afterwards she found herself a new friend towards Tala.