Daniel James Harper
Vital statistics
Position CEO of Atlas Corporation
Age 67
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Daniel James Harper was a male human and the chief executive of the Atlas Corporation. He has held the reigns of the corporation for years. Not much is known about him, except his strange philosophy and work. He has one son and a daughter, his daughter has been unclassified but his son is Bryan Harper, one of STORM's celebrated commanders.

Biography Edit

Atlas was formed during the dawning end of the Intergalactic War. Daniel James-Harper announced that he would head the company after helping produce weaponry. Most of Harper's weaponry was used in favor of STORM's. STORM made a deal with Atlas, prompting Harper to have his son sign up for military instead of Atlas's private military. 

Harper was heavily involved with scandals that Atlas has refuted many times to be involved in. The Fywall Scandal perhaps is one of the most infamous scandals that Atlas has been 'wrongly' convicted of. Many asari spies found documents pertaining Atlas's plan to refoundation Fywall into a property by a coup de taut with Lady Anova of Fywall being pulled out of power. Atlas would use krogan gangs and such to cover their involvement . These files and records were hidden and the asari found and persecuted for lies, the files were found later by Argus Snow, a lover of Lady Anova.

Events of GMod RP Edit

Seeing Atlas needing a more dominant role in the galaxy, Harper's plan was to begin operations in territories for his military. By creating a headquarters on the planet Thessia, Harper would be unnoticed. After his son's death, Harper reemerged to help STORM find the culprits who commited his son's murder. Harper would then use his assassins to complete his tasks. Many assassins were not suspected to be under Harper's involvement, but many turian, asari and human commanders have been murdered by strange cocidence. 

Harper seeks nothing more then control from the galaxy, despite his appearance and personality which can be decieving.